For The Birds

An immersive night-time journey into a wild avian landscape



The event takes the form of a self led, walk around trail over a distance of approx 2–3km. Sites ideally encompass a diverse range of landscapes and habitats including wetland, mixed woodland, marsh and open grassland. The audience walk mainly over established paths which at times can be rough and uneven ground. The walk takes approximately 1–1.5 hrs hours to complete.

Installations are spread evenly across the site, each work responding whenever possible to the diverse habitats and environments present on the site. Route lighting is provided by LED lights strung between posts, trees and fence lines.


The event can be  attended by up to 1000 people each night. If there are remote locations, narrow lanes and restricted car parking  audiences can be bussed in from the nearby towns This not only cuts down travel miles, car parking issues and travel restrictions for those without transport but also added a sense of shared purpose and conviviality.

On arrival the audience are met and briefed by a steward regarding safety procedures as well the nature and challenges of the site.

The audience are guided by team of up to 15 volunteer stewards each night. Each wearing a small elctro-luminescant lapwing for identification.


Every effort is made to create a low energy high impact spectacle throught the use of creative low power Led lighting. All flood lights were either 20 or 30w COB Led chips.The entire show used less than 8000 w of power. The artists have custom wired over 3km ofwaterproof Led festoon route lighting with spacings of 2–3m between each bulb.The show has been craeted to have a long legacy within the context of a touring show.


Power has ben drawn previously from two mains outlets on the site with regulated and protected trip switches suitable for outdoor use. Mains cable are distributed via approximatley 5km of cable over the site. This is supplimented by over 40 batteries to act as saftey emergency lighting or for use where cable is not appropriate. This can be substituted by two small silent generators.

Production Crew

For the Birds has brought together a dynamic group of artists and technicians as part of the ongoing development of performance and events centred from their base within the Dyfi valley in West Wales. Part of the ethos of the group is to harness and nurture the skills of the community of local artistic practitioners engendering the group strong sense of local identity and team spirit.

Crew 2014 at RSPB Ynys Hir.

  • Jony Easterby – Producer/Lead artist
  • Kate Fenhalls – Co Producer
  • Ben Moneypenny – Production manager
  • Rosie Strickland – Publicity and marketing
  • Esther Tew – Creative lighting
  • Ulf Pedersen – Lighting Installation
  • Kathy Hinde – Artist
  • Mark Anderson – Artist
  • Helen Ingham – Artist
  • Harriet Wallace – Technician
  • Dan Gifford – Technician
  • Nick Bard – Technician/Cellist
  • Matthew Olden – Programmer
  • Harvey Collison – Technician
  • Giles Thaxton – Carpenter
  • Lindsey Colbourne – Collaborating artist
  • Gwylum Morrus – Collaborating artist
  • Pippa Taylor – Collaborating Artist and Catering
  • Giles W Bennett – Photography
  • Marta Rychter – Intern/ Cellist
  • Rosie Strang – Admin support and fundraising.
  • Graham Calvert – Electronics

Thanks also to Sam Moreton, Grant MacPhee, Tom Provost, Bev Dimmock, David Anning, Niel and all at the RSPB staff who helped to make this happen in Wales.

A big thanks to the New Zealand festival for all their support in staging the show in March 2016.

Route lighting and installation plan from Ynys Hir