Its been a crazy couple of months  for the For the Birds team with all of us racing around the country, and indeed Europe and Canada, showing work in numerous gardens, venues and spaces. Set against the onset of winter it has taken its toll on some of us, fighting back flu and colds to get the job done.

For the Birds in its full incarnation had its fourth full staging at Durham Lumiere where we were a ‘firm favourite’ with the audiences there, attracting nearly 15,000 people.

Working with Lumiere and Artichoke was such a pleasure, as they left nothing to chance and provided us with some of the best production support we have experienced in the UK. The botanic gardens were also unstinting in their support and enthusiasm for the work.

Kate Harvey the curator at Lumiere writes. ‘The work you created was beautiful, captivating and inspiring.  The care over the attention to detail and the integration of the work and the gardens created a really magical experience in the Botanics and as you know, the work was a key highlight of the festival.’