For The Birds

An immersive night-time journey into a wild avian landscape

For the Birds is continuing its migrations across the UK and to indeed to other continents in 2018/19. We have some very exciting locations and possibilities in the pipeline as festivals and promoters are working hard in the back ground to make this show happen again.

We have recently returned from Lumiere in Durham, the UKs largest lighting festival, where we showed to capacity audiences of up to 5,000 a night. Cold and crisp, but thankfully dry, the show proved to be the standout highlight of this years festival.

Brighton Festival 2017

For the Birds took flight to the Brighton Festival 2017 and  invited a visiting public on a meditative and immersive journey through a secret South Downs woodland location. A self-guided journey through a wild landscape after the onset of darkness, whilst transformed by a series of up to thirty bespoke light and sound installations produced by some of the most dynamic sound artists currently working in the UK.

For the Birds was staged over four weeks with 17 shows attended by up to 1300 people each night. The show broke the box office record at the Brighton Festival attracting over 15,000 people to marvel at the beauties and poignancy of the installations, immersed in the forest at night

Originally staged at RSPB Ynys-hir reserve in Wales as part of an NT Wales /ACW development project, For the Birds also went on to become the audience highlight of the New Zealand Festival 2016, where it attracted more than 13,000 people over the festival.

As transient and light as the birds themselves, the installations have been created using a mixture of low tech, low power equipment suitable for remote places, using low energy lighting, small scale multi-speaker systems, low volt micro processors, electro-acoustic instruments, performances, projections and kinetic sculptures the artists celebrate the birds in song, movement and light.


For The Birds is an original and richly enjoyable experience and reminded this writer that such free-form art can be glorious. This kind of beauty is not generated in golf clubs by Tories, by those who think material wealth is the game of life. It blossoms on the fringes, away from the endless pursuit of money, created by the kind of people Daily Mailers might regard as excess to purpose. It is a small oasis of strange, contemplative, other-worldly loveliness in a land increasingly ruled by banal norms.’

   The Arts Desk

I cannot think of another art experience that has bettered it”

Jay Griffiths, author

Mind-blowingly brilliant. An unforgettably beautiful and resonant experience”

George Monbiot, Guardian journalist

Beautiful, unexpected and alive!”


Everyone should experience this woodland walk, which stimulates the mind and senses equally, before the festival is over.

Brighton Argus